Thursday, 9 April 2015

Cat Lovers Dream

Yesterday I did what every crazy person has ever dreamt to do. I had lunch in a cat café with eight beautiful kitties that had been adopted from a shelter wandering around me! 

The place is called Café Chat L'heureux which is located in Montréal, Canada. When I first went in, you had to take your shoes off and leave the by the front room. I found this odd at first but it actually made the place feel very cozy and intimate. The café has lunch, desserts, coffees and smoothies. I ordered a Chopin smoothie which was banana, blueberry, almond milk and cinnamon and the La Ronron which was arugula, goats cheese, quinoa, pomegranate, green apple, almonds and and maple dressing. Both were delicious and I was surprised by the size of the salad when it came. They also have some vegan and gluten free options which is great. 

Although the place isn't cheap, it wasn't too expensive and definitely worth the experience.

Love Sally
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