Monday, 27 April 2015

Travelling to Niagara Falls

Last weekend, some of my friends from Australia came to Canada and drove me to Niagara Falls. This is actually the second time I've been but I could never get sick of that place. The last time I went was during the harsh Canadian winter of 2014 and the bottom of the falls had actually frozen over which was quite a sight to see. This time round, there was still a lot of ice but nothing to the extreme.

I also got to experience riding a helicopter for the first time. I didn't realise how loud it would be inside. When the helicopter tilted you could really feel it unlike a plane which usually feels like you're gliding across the clouds unless you have severe turbulence. The view was so beautiful from above, I even saw a rainbow!
After that, we went on the whirlpool aero car across the gorge. It was absolutely freezing but again a beautiful sight. It's actually not scary at all. It felt very sturdy and moved slowly so you could get some great photos.

From there we headed over to the Skylon Tower, an observation tower that stands 160m tall or 520 ft from street level. It was funny stepping out onto the observation deck as the wind was so strong and blew you backwards. Again it was freezing up there but the view was worth it. There's also a revolving dining room and a buffet which sounded amazing but we didn't have any time to spare.

Last but not least, we journeyed beneath the falls. You ride an elevator 150 ft underground and you can view Niagara Falls from two portals and two observation decks. The name beneath the falls didn't really click with me until I saw a map stating 'you are here'. It's basically as close to the falls as you can get and it scared me being able to feel the violent forces of the falls and made me wonder why someone decided to go down Niagara Falls in a barrel.

I had the most amazing day and I'm proud to say I have now seen one of the Seven Natural Wonder's of the world. I also filmed bits of the day even though I had to delete some because my memory card was full.

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