Thursday, 17 September 2015

TBT: Hong Kong & Macau Vlog

Here's a bit of a throwback Thursday. When I was returning from Canada to Australia, since the flight is so restlessly long I decided to have a stopover in Hong Kong. I got to meet up with my friends and family and I had such an incredible time. I had way too much Yum Cha and Gai Dan Jai but it was all worth it! I have to admit, I miss Hong Kong a lot! In Australia, it's just my mum and I and sometimes it's really desolate at the dinner table. I miss having Grandparents who force me to eat until I can barely move, Aunts and Uncle's who treat me like I'm part of their nuclear family and cousins who I can just laugh and be myself around.

Whilst reminiscing those happy memories, I found some footage on my computer of bits I had randomly filmed so I decided to put all the clips together and make it into a little video. While I was in Hong Kong, my Aunt and Uncle also took me on a day trip to Macau, which has done a lot of refurbishing since I last visited in 2001. It's actually the worlds largest gambling industry, 7 times bigger than Las Vegas! Don't worry though, they didn't take me to Macau to gamble, we honestly went to enjoy the view and get a feel for the history of the place.

If you'd like, you can read my blog post called 'Summer in Hong Kong'. I have some photos I took from my visit there and more details about my trip. Also, you can check out my Flickr Hong Kong Album. My cousin is an extremely talented photographer and as he knew I'm so captivated by photography, took me along to some of the best photo spots in Hong Kong.

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