Saturday, 14 November 2015

Many years later

In the first picture, I had just celebrated my fifth birthday and was at my grandparents house. Now fifteen years later after no contact with my extended family, I've finally been reunited! It was so strange walking back into that house. Everything seemed so much bigger and higher from a child's perspective. It was so lovely to see pictures of all my cousins hung on the walls to fill in the gaps of my memory. For dinner last night, I had potatoes, vegetables with chicken and lemon tart for pudding. My first home cooked english meal in a long time. Hopefully it won't be another fifteen years until I set foot again to that house!

I'm currently sat on the train to Cornwall, a five and a half hour journey. Thankfully there's scarce bits of wifi and a charging port on the train. Unfortunately, with all the hustle and bustle of lugging my suitcase around, I've forgotten to bring food with me so now all I have is a packet of tic-tacs. Hopefully, a food trolley will come down sooner rather than later. I must say, the view is absolutely gorgeous, lots of rural farming areas and small english cottages. With all the sheep I've passed, I'm surprised I haven't fallen asleep yet! Also, the sun is beginning to lower and will probably set in an hour or two so I'll hopefully get a lovely view of that!
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