Friday, 18 March 2016

Flashback to Zürich

Last year I was fortunate enough to do quite a bit of travelling, not enough if you ask me but that's besides the point! The thing is I actually started DiagonSally after I did a lot of those travels so I'm quite bummed I now don't have the opportunity to look back at those posts. Therefore, I thought I'd write a few flashback posts and share with you some photos from my adventures starting with Zürich.

I'm still in complete awe when I think about Zürich. I flew from Melbourne - Hong Kong - Zurich. I remember being really upset in Hong Kong airport because I wanted to leave the airport and see my family but didn't have the time. Already in a bit of a grumpy mood, I arrived at my hotel which seemed far under the three star rating. It was such an old building I couldn't even figure out how to used the lift/elevator and had to ask one of the cleaners. Completely unimpressed I decided to drop my things and head out to get some breakfast. It was about 8am and the sun still hadn't come up so I couldn't see around me. I phoned my mum telling her I couldn't wait to get out of this place - I was there for work actually rather than leisure. 

After returning to my hotel for a bit, the Lobby staff asked me if I wanted any recommendations and suggested I visit the old town area, a 15 minute walk from my hotel. When I left the hotel this time, the sun was beginning to rise as I walked to the main city. This is the moment everything changed. I honestly felt my mood lift as I looked around in awe, how could I hold a grudge against this city. Plus, chocolate right? (Actually at this time, I couldn't eat chocolate as it gave me terrible migraines.) 

My favourite part of Zurich was the view of the Swiss Alps. Since the sun rose so late in the day, I didn't have to wake up very early at all to see the sunrise. The downside was by 4pm the sun would begin to set and I felt like it was bed time! I felt complete and utter freedom at the edge of Lake Zurich and sat there once for three hours getting frost bite (or what felt like frostbite) just watching the sun shine through the clouds and over the alps. There are also beautiful white swans swimming around the Lake, a very peaceful scenery. Usually walking around the city, I'd hear buskers playing lovely classical music which made the whole place feel like part of a film.

Another thing I noticed was how friendly the Swiss people were. They'd always smile and if they saw me walking around with a camera they'd come up, introduce themselves and welcome me to the city. The only thing that scared me was how expensive everything was! Zurich is somewhere I'd happily go again in fact I'm looking forward to the day I have the opportunity!

Have you ever been to Zürich, Switzerland?

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