Thursday, 2 June 2016

Quick trip to Sydney

Last weekend, I went to Sydney to see some of my old friends as I actually used to live there! I ended up having such a lovely time as I wondered around feeling extremely nostalgic. I didn't have much internet while I was there apart from phone data which I always go over which explains my MIA. For the first couple of days it was pretty cold and even rained a little but on the last day, the weather was just amazing! I was also there to photograph a project I've been working on so I'll share that with you sometime next week when I've finished it but I'm quite pleased so far with how it's going!

The first day I arrived in Sydney, I decided to head to the Harbour and watch the sunset over the Harbour Bridge and Opera House which is where I took these photos! It was such a beautiful sight. It's weird that when I used to live in Sydney, I hardly ever went to Circular Quay. I wish I got a chance to see Sydney's Vivd light festival but my schedule was so tight that it just wasn't possible.

Thursday afternoon, one of my besties and I headed to the Grounds of Alexandria where we practically had so much sugar we went a little crazy to be honest. I also had a lot of Chai Lattes on this trip, something I always have when I'm on 'holidays.' That evening we went to Ichiban-Boshi, a Japanese ramen restaurant in Bondi Junction. Unfortunately I was already so full from all the cake I had earlier that I couldn't finish my noodles let alone make room of dessert.

The next day, I went to pick up one of friends from the airport. The traffic was so bad that the car barley moved and she ended up claiming her luggage before we could even park in the carpark. I also almost fell asleep in the car (Her mum was driving, not me!) because I kept waking up the two nights before as it was so cold. I ended up sleeping really well that night and woke up at 9am the next day which is crazy for me because my natural body clock likes to wake up up at 7am.

On Saturday I didn't end up doing to much, apart from eating Thai food again and catching up with my friend. Everyone seems to know how much I love Thai food so they always suggest Thai when I meet up with them. Nothing to complain about! On the Sunday morning we walked down to Clovelly Beach which was so lovely. I forgot how 'hilly' Sydney is compared to Melbourne. Walking to the beach was easy but walking back was a different story. That day for lunch, I met up with my dad in 'The Rocks' by Circular Quay and we shared some fish and chips as well as a shepherds pie which was absolutely delicious.

After that, my Sydney trip had come to an end and it was time for me to return home.

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