Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Trip to Hong Kong: Part I

You might have possibly noticed that I've been extremely MIA lately. That's because, I'm was in Hong Kong visiting my family and doing a lot of sightseeing!

On the 15th June Mum and I got up early, had a quick breakfast and made our way to Melbourne Airport. We had a quick layover in Sydney before flying to Hong Kong (about a 9 hour flight). It's currently winter in Melbourne so when I arrived in Hong Kong I was literally sweating from pushing around my luggage and wearing my long sleeved shirt and trousers. Thankfully, I was only a bus trip away from having a nice shower before heading into bed as we arrived quite late at night. (Way past my grandparents bed time!)

The next day my Grandma woke me up at 7am to go downstairs for a Yum Cha breakfast. This ritual never got old as she continued to wake me up at this time for the duration of my stay. I'm honestly not a huge fan of Yum Cha but it was nice to just be there with them and try lots of new food. I found it quite strange eating rice and dumplings for breakfast and did miss my daily scoop of porridge but now that I'm back, I actually miss the Yum Cha environment!

I also bought a few new items of clothing while I was in Hong Kong, thought not a lot because I'm tall and generally Hong Kong people are quite small thus, the shops never had my size. I did buy a lot of cute socks with cats and pandas on them, my two favourite animals!

Just before touching down into Melbourne on the flight home, I noticed how flat Australia looked. Nature wise as well as architecturally. Hong Kong has a beautiful natural landscape surrounding the city with hills and mountains. Some people even live on the top of those mountains! Also, as the population in Hong Kong is 7 million and the land is so small, all the buildings have to grow vertically leaving you in a concrete jungle, contrary to Australia which has such a vast amount of space.

Above are some pictures I took around my Grandparents apartment. The first day in Hong Kong was extremely wet and humid resulting in some dramatic looking pictures. I hope you've all been doing well, looking forward to catching up on a lot of Blogs and YouTube videos!

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