Friday, 5 August 2016

Trip to Hong Kong: Part IV

Greetings and welcome to part four of my trip to Hong Kong! I've been waiting to write this post for so long because today, I get to introduce you to one of my absolute places in Hong Kong - Victoria Peak! I don't think I need to say much for you to understand why I love this location so much with such a breathtaking view! One of my favourite things to do at the Peak is to watch the sunset as the sky turn pink and then blue as all the city lights begin to turn on.

To me grand cities are almost dull during the day. The locals go to work or school and particularly during the summer, it's extremely hot and humid. When the sun goes down, everything just seems to come to life. Something I have difficulty adjusting to how much of a night owl everyone is. During the holidays, my cousins sometimes wake up at 1pm and sleep at 3am where as I generally wake up at 8am and sleep at 11pm. What's strange is that once I've adjusted, I can see why it must be done in a city like Hong Kong. The shops open up at 11am and shut at sometimes 2am so there's no point being up in the early hours of the morning at all (unless you're going for yum cha in which case the restaurant will open at 7am).

In Hong Kong, it almost scares me when I check the time and realise I'm still out and about at half past eleven at night. The trains are completely packed with little children still wandering the city. In Melbourne, by 6pm almost all the shops would have closed and by 7pm, I might be one of the only ones on my train line!

There are a few ways of getting to the Peak - one being the famous Peak Tram! As the tram has to go up the mountain, it's actually hauled up by a rope which can hold up to 139 tonnes. Usually the queue to board the tram is a little extreme so I end up catching the bus which is no where as scenic but gets the job done. At the peak, there's a 360 degree viewing platform, some restaurants and cafes, a hiking trail which is where I took my pictures, a historical tram gallery and a Madame Tussauds! You could honestly spend your entire day there and not get tired of the view, I think I stood on the mountain for about two hours.

Another thing that happens in Victoria Harbour is 'A Symphony of Lights' at 8pm. For about thirteen minutes, some of the buildings put on a laser light show which is said to be pretty spectacular to watch. Unfortunately if there is any rainstorm warnings before 3pm, the show will be cancelled which is why I have yet to see the light show. Especially during July when it's typhoon season. I still think with or without the lights, Victoria Peak is a pretty spectacular place, one I highly recommend!

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