Thursday, 1 September 2016

Trip to Hong Kong: Part V & Update

Oh my gosh I feel like I haven't blogged in weeks which is probably true. Not really sure how some people do it but last week I had three assignments due last week and one due this week which turned me into a busy stress ball. I've also been on the hunt for a new job which means CV sending, letter writing and lots of interviews.

For part five of my trip, I met up with my cousin who is a very talented photographer. We went to Sky100 and also one of the old architectural skyscrapers in Hong Kong. Sky100 is a viewing deck from the 100th floor of the a building which gave some great views of the city as well as the smaller island surrounding Hong Kong. I managed to find a deal online which allowed us to buy one ticket, get one free which we were both thrilled about. As you can see, the view up there is pretty amazing! It was also extremely hot that day so it was nice to be in an air conditioned building while we enjoyed the view. The natural scenery in Hong Kong never fails to impress me, mostly because of how flat Australia is compared to Hong Kong. 

After that, we caught the MTR (underground train) to Quarry bay to visit  益發大廈, one of Hong Kong's most iconic buildings not to be confused with Kowloon's walled city which once had a population of 30 000 people AKA the 'Slums of Hong Kong' or 'the densest places on earth'. Though the block was clearly on a Hong Kong island, it belonged to China which meant Hong Kong police, health inspectors and tax collectors couldn't perform their duties once inside the walls. 

益發大廈 is nothing of the sort as my cousin and I witnessed some young children playing badminton. If you ever find yourself in Hong Kong, I'd recommend paying this location a visit. Even though it's just that to view,  it's pretty remarkable and you'll get some vibrant and unique pictures. Warning, you'll probably give yourself a nasty neck ache staring up at the skyscrapers. 

I love spending time with my cousin as we both love photography and long for adventure. After such an adventure, we picked up some egg tarts and ice cream before heading back to his apartment to edit our photos. A very happy and successful day!

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