Thursday, 9 February 2017


Woooooo - I'm twenty-two!

A couple of days ago, I celebrated my birthday! Actually, on my actually birthday I had to work all day and just had a nice dinner with my Mum. My manager did buy me some cute little cupcakes pictured above. We ended up sharing them and I had the salted caramel one.

The next day however, some of my work colleagues and good friends from school met up for dinner at Vapiano's. I actually had no idea there was a Vapiano's in Melbourne but I had very fond memories of the restaurant when I visited it Oslo, Norway. It serves Italian food but the interesting part is, they cook it in front of you. It's also a perfect restaurant for visiting as a group, as you all get a card that you swipe when ordering and at the end, you pay for what you've eaten individually. Yes to split bill!

While I was at Vapiano's I had the risotto which I also had in Norway. Clearly I enjoyed it there as I didn't dare to try something new! My friend also got me a pineapple cocktail and a salted caramel cheese cake which was absolutely divine! We sat and chatted there for three hours before some people had to head home. After that, on the way back to the train station, a few of us went to a bar called Fifty-fifty and just chatted away over some G&T and popcorn.

All in all, a wonderful day!

Saturday, 21 January 2017

Bourke Street

I had actually planned for this post to come out a couple of days ago but left it for some fine tuning. It was originally suppose to be a post showing the streets of Melbourne with its normalities and quirks.

The way Melbourne city should be.

Melbourne, to me is such a business city. People rush to work, rush to grab a coffee, rush to the bathroom, and rush to get back home. Being the most 'liveable' city in the world we complain about when the trains are delayed, when the weather is glum or when the coffee's too expensive.

I left the house jumping around puddles, rushing to the train station. I walked to work and began my day as my colleagues and I rejoiced in the fact it was Friday.

During lunch time, a deranged driver drove through our city injuring over thirty people and killing four. One of those was a three month old baby. The entire city was on lockdown.

My work was quiet. We all sat around the computer watching the news in silence. Occasionally, one would gasp or mutter a swear but what's done was done.

I have never felt so eerie and the most descriptive word I could use to describe how I was feeling was just 'weird'. My train journey home took an extra half an hour but we all sat there in silence.

The city was still.

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